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Coma Girl Wakes Up (Part 6)

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Stephanie Bond has written a very good serialized novel titled Coma Girl. Parts One through Five were posted as daily serialized installments on her website (and other places) free for anyone to read. Starting on July 1st, 2016, a post was delivered to the website which was visible for 24 hours. Successive posts replaced each other, one by one. Readers could purchase the month-long edition from Amazon, or read it free at Kindle Unlimited (KU) following a schedule determined by Stephanie Bond. I found this to be a great way to encourage reluctant readers. The secrets revealed by Coma Girl that she overheard from her visitors were surprising, sometimes shocking, and captured reader interest. I pre-ordered this installment (Part Six), received it on 02 December, and looked forward to seeing how Bond would wrap up the series as December 31st was planned to be the final installment.

Part six did not disappoint. There weren’t the surprises of the first five parts. Reader expectation was that all the mysteries would be resolved in some way. That happened. It was satisfactory. But the surprises couldn’t deliver the punch of the first five parts. It is as if Stephanie Bond had painted herself into a corner. She needed to bring everything together and she did. But the six parts of the novel ended with a whimper rather than some triumphant shout.

At the end of November, Coma Girl woke up. It wasn’t a complete 100% fully capable woman that woke up. Dormant muscles had to be reminded of their functions. She had to relearn how to talk. The central theme of part six is how Marigold would deal with all her visitors. Both her mom and dad had revealed huge secrets during their visits to Marigold. Each thought they were talking to themselves, a form of confession. They hadn’t realized Coma Girl could hear everything perfectly. Each of her visitors will try to determine how much Marigold had heard or remembered of what they had said. This is the dominant theme and story of part six. Each supporting character will ask the same question as it relates to their personal revelations.

Duncan may be the most important character as far as Marigold is concerned. He has abandoned an earlier fiancé, acknowledged that he is the father of Marigold’s baby and declared his readiness to marry her. But it is not that simple and Marigold still has questions.

After Marigold id released from the hospital, there will be substantial medical bills. How can she pay them? Sydney, Marigold’s sister, is not available for help as she is in a hospital herself. Previously collected money from social media site publicity has disappeared.

All previous problems characters had, those noted in reviews for the first five parts, must be solved. The fact that they will be solved is not a spoiler. There are surprises in the ways some of them are solved. Many readers will be happy that there are no further cliffhangers. I was unhappy to see the series end. The good thing is that a writer with this much talent will produce more interesting work. I will be waiting to read it.


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