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Nothing Will Stop the Marriage

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Death and Her Devotion by Kendra Elliott is a short novel (100 Pages) I downloaded through Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Chase Ryan is dead, his body hanging from a tree with a belt around his neck. His best friends and crew had been with him the night before and all professed to have been asleep. They had heard nothing. The four adults and team mascot Brandon, a child of one of the four, had been camping in a commercial campground. They had rented many adjacent lots to ensure privacy. The privacy was necessary because Chase Ryan was an A-list movie star of a currently top-rated TV series. The town nearest the campgrounds, Solitude, was small. When news of the actor’s death became public, the town would be overwhelmed with reporters.

Police Officer Stevie took the initial call to the scene. She did all the necessary coordination to call in police supporting assets but eventually the Police Chief, Zane Duncan, would be called as he was in overall charge of the department. Officer Stevie and Chief Duncan were to be married in a few days. Maybe the marriage would have to be called off until the investigation finished. Neither Stevie nor Duncan wanted that to happen.

For this novel, the race is on between finding Ryan’s killer and getting married as planned. The situation is complicated by all the principal suspects standing by stories that were untruthful to protect actor Ryan’s reputation. There was also a pyromaniac on the loose who burned down the proposed site of the wedding and a building where Ryan’s friends, now suspects, were staying.

This is truly a story that attempts to say love conquers all adversity. It is a light, completely on-the-surface uncomplicated short read that is an entertaining way to break a boring routine day. There is a surprise so blandly presented that I almost missed the idea it was supposed to be a surprise. My overall impression is that this is a novel written by an author on the way up as far as development of writing technique. Entertaining but not quite there yet.


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