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A Slight Change of Focus

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I am in the final week of classes where I lecture at university. My goal for all my classes, no matter the subject, is to encourage the students of English as a Foreign Language to read. This blog has been my experiment to get them to do so. By trying to read one novel or short story per day and writing a short review, I hoped to expose readers to a wide variety of novels and language. Now that the experiment is over, I want to shift focus and content a bit.

While I have been reading quite a lot, I have discovered many short stories and poems written by others on sites such as “Medium.” I have added several interesting blogs to my WordPress Reader. I found a lot of things I wanted to reblog and comment on but did not do so because it did not fit into the goal I set for myself and my class. I will now start to follow ideas I have but couldn’t explore earlier.

As for my goal of getting students to read, I had minimal success in one class where I got the students to follow the daily serial postings of “Coma Girl” by Stephanie Bond. Due to time constraints, they could only follow a couple of months but I tried to have class discussions which provided the background to some characters mentioned that was not available to students for the selected months. Of course, the students were free to purchase the monthly installments but they were only responsible for information in the free daily installments they could access. I do not know how many of them bought the installments. Because the final exam only covered up to December 15, I also don’t know how many of them will be motivated to find out how the series ends. I reviewed the six monthly installments elsewhere on this blog.

So, there will be a slight shift in focus that will serve to let me comment on some of the great stuff I have found while still allowing me to read and post reviews on an almost daily basis.

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