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Stevie Gets Her Shot

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On Her Father’s Grave by Kendra Elliot is, despite the grim sounding title, a police/mystery/romance Kindle Single. It is a pleasant, steadily paced short story without huge dramatic shifts and surprises. It is part of a series. This is Book 1 of the Rogue River Novella.

Stevie, sometimes but rarely called Stephanie, grew up in a small town aptly named Solitude. A town where everyone knew everyone, a common goal of the younger high school set was to abandon Solitude after graduation. Stevie did that, moving to Los Angeles where she became a police officer. Her dad was the police chief in Solitude, a law enforcement career seemed logical.

Stevie returned home to Solitude immediately after the death of her father Bill Taylor, the police chief. His deputy and family friend Roy Kreuger had been promoted to chief. There was an opening for a new patrol officer, Stevie was offered the job. She gratefully accepted it as a reason to return home.

On her second day there, a teenage boy was found dead at a popular teenage meeting place. There were almost 30 witnesses. Chief Roy was directing the investigation and directing Stevie to do some of the interviews. Later that night Roy resigned and a new chief, Zane was named. Zane was totally surprised, he had been called while on vacation to be told of his promotion. Roy had assigned Stevie to do interviews. She returned to the station to find Zane reviewing her reports.

Stevie spends the next several days reestablishing relationships with family and friends. Except for monthly check-ins, she had been absent for five years. Zane, now Police Chief, had been in Solitude for five years. He never felt fully accepted by the town, but he was fully accepted by Stevie’s family. It was as if Patsy, Stevie’s mom, were grooming him for something or someone. Like Stevie.

See where this is going?

Bad stuff will happen in Solitude. There are hints of a new, unknown drug, one that might have killed the teenager at the beach. Or another one found a few days later. Ted, the town’s anti-hero and general thug, beats his wife and child, hasn’t had a job in anyone’s memory, but has recently purchased a new truck.

See where this is going?

Ok, so not a lot of surprises, just a well-told tale for your entertainment. There is not a major cliffhanger, but one does exist. Did I mention this is Book 1? This Kindle Single will entertain a reader on a weekend afternoon.


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