Total Weirdness with Warnings

I like flash fiction. By its nature, all flash fiction is not created alike but this collection takes weirdness to some new levels. So, I will start out with some warnings. To say the least, this is some adult stuff. But I want to quote warnings from the work itself.

From the Introduction:

“This is not a story collection with any underpinning narrative. These are syringes filled with words. Fumbles in the dark with a stranger. This is a collection you can open up to a random page in order to hook yourself up with a quick fix of fun. Grab a tasty treat between meals. A quickie in the staff-room on your lunch-break. Maybe have just one more for the road. You know you want to.

Flash Me!: The Sinthology (Kindle Locations 91-95). Solarcide. Kindle Edition.

There are twenty six authors represented in this collection. I found several provocative pieces such as:

“The Bars are Full of Blues by Jenean McBrearty

“Bullet Haiku by Jason Metz

“Frottage and the Modern Age by David Macpherson

“Comfort Zone by Jonathan Todd Riley

There are several other good pieces but these are the ones that immediately impressed me. Additionally, this might be an activity book because underneath each author name there is some form of contact information if you would like to follow the author. Much of the information is in the form of a twitter address.

There is no use me trying to describe the content of these stories. They might fit into a category of avant-garde. It is flash fiction, it is short, in this collection it is in-your-face sometimes objectionable such as the description of the overweight guy who eats his caregiver. I couldn’t identify with the vegetarian gorilla. The Japanese lesbian suicide pact is outside my favorite genre but the account is presented well.

So this is just a journey into the unusual.

Author: ron877

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