Beyond Terra by R. V. Johnson is a novella I decided to read and review to look at the authors writing voice. When I went to the Amazon author pages I found the negative reviews of Johnson’s longer work, Beyond the Sapphire Gate, outnumbered the positive ones and the comments regarding editing and typos are the things that make me want to abandon a book in mid-reading. I had received an author request to review the longer work and replied to the author saying I did not think I could give a favorable review if things I read were true. The author replied stating that he realized there were editing problems, that he had changed editors, and that I would receive an improved copy of the novel. Meanwhile I found a free download of the novella Beyond Terra. I invested my time in reading and writing a review of the shorter work before deciding to review the longer one. Based on the novella, I was impressed enough to buy the longer one (making it a verified purchase). I will submit a review of the longer one in a few weeks.