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Stories to Read While Driving by Jim Heskett sounds like a vehicle code violation in any state of the United States. That is the first reason I downloaded it. What could possibly capture my eyes from the exciting spectacle of slow moving traffic and redirect my attention to the printed page? These stories are the answer.

Kill The King This is carrying “You are what you eat” to new levels. Check out the personality of the King in this story. Really adorable. And pay attention to the discussion questions at the end, there will be a quiz.

Being Gary Wingo. Think of the song lyrics “All ya Gotta Do Is Call …” except Gary isn’t there. Prepare for the quiz.

Observation A14 The central question as you prepare for the quiz is “Should Julia lend a hand?” This is not a story for you if you are suffering writer’s angst.

Damn You, Bobby Finch When reality ceases and advertising takes its place … but maybe after I place my order. You don’t have to remember my order to do the quiz.

The Great Proteini Three very weird super-heroes almost kill who they want to save while making a social media statement. Everything is here except the selfies. Quiz follows.

The Melancholy Of Darby James When Dr. Dre is the alternative to Goth Druggies, you are having privileged world problems. The quiz has questions. Darby has answers.

Contraband When class, wealth, and philosophy meets cheap Junk Food, there is only one possible winner. Take the quiz.

Sword Hands Vs. Shoulder Guns Some people don’t give a s***, some collect s***, and some smoke s***. When all of it means different things to different people, marriages are in danger. Forget the quiz. Watch where you step.

I Go By Tim When a kiss is not just a kiss. And for those who despise quizzes, there is one final one here, but it is everyone’s favorite type of quiz, you get an answer supplied. The answer is correct, isn’t it?

This is a collection of short, cool, mind benders that will knock you off your routine tracks. IMHO, that is a good thing.


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