A Collection of Garon Whited Stories

Dragonhunt, a short story, was chosen as Book of the Day by OnlineBookClub.org. I am participating in an activity on that site which leads me

A Morality Tale, Good for the Kids

An Arabian Night: Nazin’s Dream by Garon Whited is a very short (17 pages) story which was selected by OnlineBookClub as its Book of the

Hide the Kids or Hide this Book

Warning: This review is not graphic, the novel is. Making Her His by Lucy Leroux is a novel I would put in the romance/erotica genre.

How Many Lies = One Marriage?

Twisted Fate by Terina McIlvaine is a 72-page Kindle short story available as a free download through Kindle Unlimited (KU). It is probably a mystery

Swimming Against the Tide

Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton was selected by OnlineBookClub.org as its Book of the Day on 24 January 2017. It is a short 95-page

Collection of Horror Short Stories

There are ten selections of poetry in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror (Volume Two) edited by James Ward Kirk. I downloaded the

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