Rose Remembered by Jennifer Button reminded me from page one of Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. As the novel begins, there is the same gritty feeling of life in the streets, life in poverty, and life without the most basic essentials. This is the life that confronts Rose from birth even if she is not immediately sentient enough to acknowledge it.

A reader can find a unifying theme of women taking power and assuming responsibility for their own life. This is not an in-your-face unsubstantiated rant about the innate superiority of women. It is several stories of women in unfortunate situations (mostly initiated by men) and how they survived the situations. While there are several stories of different women with bad situations, Rose, as the central character, suffers more than others. But she doesn’t suffer silently in an accepting matter. She gets revenge. She even keeps count as she reports “one, crash” and “two, crash.” She gets up to six “crashes.” Possible subsequent ones are up to reader interpretation.