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Bright Shiny Things

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I am finally getting back into the regular posting of things after the holidays. Up to the end of December, I was OK but then got distracted by … Oh, look. A squirrel …

Actually, this squirrel had a name, I forget how I ran across this distraction but since 01 January 2017, I have discovered some interesting books, read and (almost) reviewed them and entered a few of the giveaway contests. This site is like a coloring book for readers and reviewers. It has lots of activities, a chance to receive books in return for a review, an alert for when books are specially priced or free, a bunch of forums if you want to express yourself on your current passion or pique, and even a chance to get paid for doing some reviews. Let’s leave that last one alone for a moment.

After registering, a reader must post at least five posts in any of the forums and wait three days. After that, the new member will receive notices of a Book of the Day (BOTD). If a member decides to participate in all the activities, it goes something like this:

The reader goes to a website where a free sample is available for review. For me, this has been Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Review the sample; get a point reward.

Sometimes an reviewer has posted a review. The reader follows a link to that reviewer post and comments on the reviewer’s post, not solely on the sample read. Get a point reward. If there is no reviewer post, or after commenting on the post, the next step is:

Go to the Facebook page of and make a comment about the book. I am rarely the first person to do this; I hover around post 15. I think that is because I post from Indonesia. After posting, go back to pick up a point reward.

Go to twitter following the link provided. Make a comment; pick up a point reward.

Go to LinkedIn, do the same thing. Pick up a point reward

You also get points for visiting the bookshelf you created on the site. I created mine by importing from Goodreads.

Of course, any of these steps could be skipped. I recently decided to rejoin Facebook. If I hadn’t, I would skip this link and not receive that point.

The points accrue from day to day in a raffle pot. Readers might receive a book, other prizes, and even cash (a PayPal account is needed for cash).

That’s it for the description of the BOTD page. There are some other cool things. For the procrastinators among us, the points only accrue if you visit the site each day. I’ve only been on the site for a few days. I drop in to see the book of the day while I am having morning coffee.

There are also forums in which a reader can participate but so far I see a lot of one-way communication. For example, there is one with the question “How do you deal with unfamiliar words?” This is a very interesting topic for me as I believe vocabulary is priority one in learning any new language, including English. I replied to others who responded about the use of electronic device dictionaries. I am not a fan of these and discourage their use in my classroom activities. I have three posts to three individuals about this but so far no one has wanted to answer my questions or comment on my reasons why gadgets should not be used. I haven’t even given all my reasons yet so I will keep trying.

I am not involved in any way with this site as a promoter or a partner. I am writing this for my blog and might post it on their forum site. I am posting this as an interested person because in the short time I have followed them I have been introduced to four remarkable books which I would not have otherwise found.

Rose Remembered by Jennifer Button is a very memorable story of a woman’s story, from birth to death.

Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon is brilliantly funny. If the reader is not laughing out loud, there is a lot of interior chuckling going on.

I posted reviews on this blog for the above two selections.

I am currently reading The Dancing Barber by A.C. Michael. I never imagined a historical fiction account of Ukrainian history could be so interesting.

I was also introduced to Rescuing America’s Democracy From Its Collapsing Morality by Savannah Jordan. Based on the initial reviewer’s comments and my reading of the sample I would never read or review this book unless 1) the author asked me to do so with the promise that I could ask questions of the author or 2) somebody paid me a lot of money.

Since joining the site on 27 December and after waiting three days, I feel I have had four positive (OK, maybe one was negative) interactions (exposure to books I would never have had).

Not bad, but distracting. Now on to see how I can integrate the activities on this site with my daily managed schedule.


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