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Why Is Laura So Smug?

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This short psychological horror tale, 1:15 by Jacob Rayne is approximately 27 pages long and is a great use of a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription.

Terri dreams a lot and her dreams are the type that comes with a warning you see on television. Her dreams are not for young people. In fact, she is worried that she kills young people; that is what one of her recent dreams was about. The boy dies first, then the man who arrived and expressed disapproval of her actions. Then she wakes up.

Her screaming as she struggled to wake up attracted the attention of a concerned neighbor. The neighbor knows Terri has frequently recurring bad dreams. If she talked about them with a friend, they might stop. But Terri not ready to talk to her friend yet. There is a stranger who seems to want to help that occasionally stops by to look in on Terri but Terri can’t stand her superior, smug attitude and wishes this helpful stranger to stop the visits.

Terri eventually tells all to the neighbor. The neighbor helps her set up appointments with a psychiatrist. Terri is happy the psychiatrist makes house calls. She tells her story to him even though she detects by his body language that he hates her. She develops feelings for the doctor similar to those she has for the unwanted helper who stops by. When Terri’s neighbor returns and asks how the psychiatrist visits are working out, she seems a bit disappointed when Terri reports that she is telling the doctor everything.

At least after the psychiatrist visits, the unwanted helper has no longer visited. Terri feels so good about this that she decides to stop taking the pills the Doctor prescribed. When her neighbor appears for a visit, she agrees with Terri. Terri continues to feel better until Laura, the unwanted helper resumes her visits. She had always hated Laura but she shouldn’t have made her hatred so plain to see.

Laura has come back for revenge.

I found the short story quite interesting but I will not use it in my class for English as a Second Language. The students would find the twists a bit too vague and the ending not all that satisfying.


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