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Impressions by Dan Groat is a very impressive (sorry, I know better but I couldn’t resist) collection of short reflections on the daily grind of our lives, also known as existence. This is one of those collections that is valuable to keep around for when you are feeling just a bit down and unfocused. It will, at the very least, redirect your attention to things that are a bit more meaningful than immediate routines we are forced to go through on a daily basis. This was selected as a Book of the Day (BOTD) by the folks at OnLine BookClub on 11 January 2017. The following comments are about some of my favorite selections. There are 55 reflections; there is no way I will comment on each of them. Buy the book; it will make you happy.

Selection 3 The Gettysburg Tweet Are you listening, Donald? My apologies for the informality and using your name rather than “Mr. President.” But you have been in my home daily for the past many months and familiarity breeds …

Selection 8 Every Day at 4 When embarking on a new routine, such as an ambitious exercise program to improve health, it is important to get the support of significant others. His wife agreed; she was very supportive.

Selection 10 Free Will The title is a nice play on words. The content will give some folks a pause for thought. This one is extremely relevant at a time when policymakers in the USA are considering a new Supreme Court nominee.

Selection 19 A Soldier’s Perch Those readers with a socially correct fear of male children developing a worldview derived from gender-specific play, in this case, an eight-year-old soldier, will hate this story. I found it to be very creative, good storytelling.

Selection 20 The Amusement Park Her love for him couldn’t stop the child abduction.

Selection 22 An Education Barney got an early, unwanted, advanced education in racial intolerance.

I found all the selections deep and thought provoking. Reading one per day might be a nice way to start the day but it might take more than one if you chose the selection blindly and inadvertently chose a selection with a depressing message. As an example, I want to quote the first few lines of a selection I found extremely depressing. I would not want to start my day with this one. However, it is deeply moving to me and I think a good way to close this review.

Selection 27 Ray of Sunshine

His mother said it was raining the day he was born. His wife said it was raining the day they were married. It was raining April 10, 2015, the day Ray died. You might think rain was a recurring theme in his life, but you would be wrong. (loc 1043).

I couldn’t find any trigger warnings that would lead me to avoid certain selections. It is not that kind of book. This collection will appeal to readers of all ages who realize that sometimes there is a need for calm, considered, purposeful reflection on life conditions with which we live.


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