This collection of short stories A Sting In The Tale by Matt Shaw contains five short stories in a total of 88 pages. Carry it around on you reading device. It will “speak” to you when the folks you were to meet earlier won’t. Books are more punctual than people. As is my usual practice, I will comment on each of the five stories.

A Sting in the Tale: A Collection of Short Stories

A Mother’s Love Jade Velasquez couldn’t understand why her son didn’t want to eat. She had fixed his favorite food. Not only did he not want to eat, he claimed Nuggets were his favorite food, a claim Jade knew was false. Her husband, Esslee would be home soon. Maybe he could help. And he could also explain why he had called more than 25 times. She had ignored the calls; whatever he wanted to say he could tell her when he got home for dinner, just as he did every night.

Esslee arrived home but he was no help with Aidan. All he seemed to want was to take Aidan outside to play ball. He should really eat first; the food would get cold. She had worked hard to prepare food for husband Esslee and son Aidan. But who was going to feed the police officers who had arrived so suddenly and noisily?