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No Time for Bullies

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Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro by Frankie B. Rabbit with illustrations by Lou Francis Isip is designed for children from kindergarten up to age eight. The theme is anti-bullying. It is very attractive and eye-catching in its illustrations. The language used to convey the message is similar to a rap style. I believe rap is a subset of poetry. My university students are required to take a class in poetry and I think this work is a good illustration of a type of poetry. There is an added bonus for my students in that many of them go on to be teachers of English to young learners. This book can serve multiple purposes.

Dynomike: Come At Me, Bro (Anti-Bullying Books for Children, Self-Esteem Books, Age 3 – 8)

Dynomike was featured as a book of the day at It was offered as a free download from Amazon; there is no need to use Kindle Unlimited although should the price change from free, KU will probably still be an option for some period of time.

It is time for recess on a nice day at school. While Spunky and friends are looking forward to recess, they fear their fun will be interrupted by Bully Bob Horn. Bully arrives and immediately begins to take lunch money, caps, and valuables from other students. He destroys textbooks and physically threatens any who resist. Dynomike, resembling a cross between a dinosaur and a robotic Lego creation, begins to entertain Bully Bob. While Bob is distracted, others run away.

But Dynomike is tired of running. He encourages the others to join with him in a united front and to call Bully Bob’s bluff. Finally, there is an admission by Bully Bob that all he wanted was friends. The new unified group members shake hands or appropriate appendages (in this case, hooves).

So it looks like I might have written a spoiler. Nope. This is for Kindergarten to eight-year-olds. They don’t want a mystery. There is a fight between good and evil and the younger age group (mostly) believes that good eventually wins. To not fulfill this expectation would disappoint and confuse them.

Amazon lists this book at 58 pages. On a laptop with a Kindle App, the book appears in the form of a two-page layout, so it looks almost like 25 pages. Its layout and presentation remind me of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

This is not the type of book I usually select to read and review. I don’t have any children in the age group of the target audience. My children don’t have children in that age group. I’ll loan this to my grandchildren as soon as they produce Kindergartners.


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