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Some People Are Not Picky Eaters

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Breakfast Is Severed by TyCobbsTeeth is a short story which serves as a prequel teaser for Society for Supper. I know that because it is so stated on the first page I opened. I am happy. It is so annoying to read something that is billed as a short story, which I take to mean a complete short story with a conclusion, and then find out I actually only read a teaser. I’ll probably buy Society for Supper for that reason alone.

From the beginning, we have either an engaging or a repulsive cover. Readers get to decide. Then we have a title that we will probably misspell at least once. Watch out for the stealthy auto correct feature. Then we have an author name which will probably stick in a reader brain for awhile. Three cool things and we haven’t even started reading!

David is in the US Army serving as an IT specialist. As with many specialist technical jobs, he has defined shifts and is able to spend time at home with his dog. He is able to lead a normal life, have a girlfriend, watch TV, walk in the park, normal things. There have been disturbing news items from around the world about food shortages. Countries that were not self-reliant, that demanded imports to feed their population, were self-destructing. Rioting populations were overthrowing governments. People were resorting to cannibalism.

Over morning coffee, David receives a message. He had to report immediately to his unit, no further information. Before he could even respond to the message, a fire blossomed on his block and his, as well as other homes, were destroyed. Shoeless and without a uniform, he reported to his unit and was told to prepare for redeployment within hours. Unable to use cell phones (government blocked) after borrowing a car from his boss he rushed to his girlfriend’s house to ask her to take care of the pet during his absence.

That didn’t work out well. The reason is why this is a teaser, so no further revelations. This is available through Kindle Unlimited. Only 27 pages, it shows a quality of writing that makes me want to download Society for Supper (along with the reason above). I even learned a new word, “labradoodle.” When I highlighted it in Kindle, I expected to get back a blank screen but, nope, it exists.


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  1. Thank you so much for your review, Ron. So pleased you enjoyed it. I have a new book written under my own name. It’s called “What Lies Within”. Trying to line up a publisher now. I’m also working on a revision of Society for Supper—giving it some heavy editing and adding a chapter at the end. If you’re interested in reading any more of my work, I have two short stories recently published: “PB&J” is published in the anthology, Beast-A New Begining. And “A Twisted Tail” is published in the anthology 100 Voices, volume 2. Again, thanks, Ron. Cheers!

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