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Collection of Horror Short Stories

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There are ten selections of poetry in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror (Volume Two) edited by James Ward Kirk. I downloaded the book for the flash fiction (2 selections) and the 22 short stories. I don’t feel comfortable commenting on poetry but will make comments on other works in the collection.

I found only one of the following stories had mechanical errors annoying enough to comment on. In general, this is a selection of reading snacks to fill in the time when you can’t seriously attack a longer work on your TBR list.

K. Z. Morano   Wooden Lips      The cellar door is hungry and it is his job to feed it. One day the food might come back for revenge.

Essel Pratt   Dalliance      Most of us have skeletons in our closets but this guy has UN representation. There is a Spaniard, a Japanese, a fetus of unknown origin and a crispy narrator.

Dale Hollin   The Last Eulogy      This freelance writer has found his niche market, eulogies on demand. But all good jobs must come to an end.

Mike Jansen   The Angel’s kiss       When a kiss is not just a kiss but …

Neil Baker   A Late Summer Afternoon on Cranberry Farm      If you live in a high crime or isolated area, it is good to have a code when knocking on your door so your significant other knows it is you. Most of the time. This is a scary story.

Michael Thomas Knight   The Gates of Lament      It’s hard to put the (evil) genie back in the bottle.

Dona Fox    Forevermore      The Hope chest was beautiful but it was evil. After Jenny, with help from her dead mother, destroyed the custom built chest, she found out the carpenter still had some of the wood from which the chest had been made. What would he do with the leftover wood?

Greg McWhorter    Sempiternal Denouement      Emil Gower had died. Neither he nor his family believed in banks and they were immensely wealthy. Residents of the local area tried many times to discover wealth on Gower’s plantation. Nothing was ever found and the searchers died in strange accidents immediately after their searches. Maybe Emil couldn’t take it with him but he could make sure no one still living could take it either.

David Eccles    The Esoteric Espial      This one completely confused me. It appears to be parts of two different stories that appeared under this unusual title. If I had skipped this one, I wouldn’t have felt I missed anything.

Matt Cowan   Numen      “By the way, John, the bathroom speaks at night.This is the first line of the story. If it grabs you, read on. I found the story predictable.

M. J. Sydney   Ellensburg Blue      There is somewhat of a surprise ending to this one. And a (paraphrased) sentence that I can not grasp the meaning of. How can a “black light” shine with increasing darkness?

David Perlmutter   Little Pony Ride      Unicorns confront encroaching American settlers. Is there any hope for a nation called the United States?

Lee Forsythe    Karni Mata      It was difficult living anonymously in a rent controlled apartment. There were few neighbors, most of them strange. Especially Mrs. Singh who wanted to rat Sloan out.

Justin Hunter    Geisha White      Geisha are Japanese. So why are the Chinese sending duck shit around the world? And why is everybody (95% of world population) dying? Gavin is pretty burned up by this. Author Justin Hunter provides the connections in this tale of animals vs. humans.

K. Trap Jones    A Soul’s Lullaby      Which is more painful, the death of the physical body or the shredding of a soul? Here is one opinion.

Lori Safranek    Angels Behind Glass    Satan needed a human agent to manage his collections. He had plans for Jesse but that didn’t work out.

Suzy Saylor   A Halcyon Panacea    A mother’s final revenge. Was it intentional?

Patrick Lacey   Last Words    Some secrets have to remain unburied.

Kevin Rodgers   The Scent of Jasmine    The ultimate product of a writer’s craft. It would have been better if she had lived long enough to see it.

Matthew Wilson   Video Nasty       James was proud of mom. She helped out everyone who came to see her; she had a solution for many of their problems. But she did not neglect her family. She was a big help to James and dad. James had a record of all her works.

Michael Randolph   Leannan Sídhe      Painting met more to Timothy than anything, even more than Susan. But still, he needed some inspiration, a muse. Could Gabrielle help? (Warning: Many grammar and vocabulary errors will annoy a critical reader).

Gary Murphy    Horrorwerk      Professor Klaus wanted to pass on his paranormal abilities to his grandson as a legacy before the professor died. Some things just don’t translate well.

Adam Blampied   Buried Dad    is hiding but I think I know where to find him.

Jason WolfgangGehler    Scarecrow Fields      The Preacher has come to deliver the word. And the word is “gun.”

There are brief bios listed at the end of the novel. There are a lot of hyperlinks to follow to find further works by your favorite authors.


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