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Swimming Against the Tide

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Fighting to Win by Nicole Flockton was selected by as its Book of the Day on 24 January 2017. It is a short 95-page novel available free on Amazon for anyone. You don’t need a Kindle unlimited subscription. It will be of interest to those interested in romance, the Olympics, sports in general, and competitive swimming.

Readers are probably generally familiar with the idea that big names in sports, including the names attached to Olympic athletes who get medals, get money from sponsors in return for endorsement of their products. Julia and Mitch were both popular with sponsors, Julia for competitive diving, Mitch for competitive swimming. It probably didn’t hurt the image of the sponsors that Julia and Mitch were in love. Julia and Mitch had an add-on effect as a couple for their sponsors. But this was not necessarily a good thing.

In an event prior to this novel, Julia had been accused of having event judges as her friends on her Facebook account. The credibility of her wins was tarnished. Julia didn’t know the identity of her accuser. Media ran the story of the scandal as they promoted their newspapers, tabloids, and gossip blogs. Anabel, Mitch’s swim coach, had two concerns. Would promoters begin to leave Mitch as they believed more in the scandal about Mitch’s girlfriend, Julia? Anabel also viewed the relationship between Julia and Mitch as a distraction from Mitch’s training. As far as Anabel was concerned, Julia had to go. Anabel approached Julia and voiced her concerns.

Fortuitously, Julia lost her balance and almost tripped at a post-event social gathering. Brett, a swim team colleague of Mitch, was nearby and caught Julia. It looked as if the two were in an embrace. Nearby media reporters saw a chance to get more readership if they could publicize a broken relationship between Mitch and Julia. It might even be infidelity, at least that is how the published pictures looked. Julia decided this was a way to solve her problems. She could distance herself from Mitch so that he would not lose sponsors due to her scandal. She could get the annoying Anabel off her back. She could free up more time for Mitch to train. All she had to do was admit to Mitch that she did not care about him anymore.

She did so. It confused Mitch a lot. Readers were not confused. We knew that Mitch loved Julia, Julia loved Mitch and that they would probably (not certainly) get together again; we just didn’t know the process. And that is why we download it free from Amazon. Also, we have to read it because we do not know about this scandal Julia had managed to get over so that she could re-enter the diving competition. We believe that Julia didn’t do anything wrong, so how did it come about?

This is a comfortable weekend read for those who like a bit of romance with their sports. The physical component of hook-ups is described in some detail that might be uncomfortable for some. Readers 16-years-old and up probably won’t find anything new. Their parents might.


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