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Warning: This review is not graphic, the novel is.

Making Her His by Lucy Leroux is a novel I would put in the romance/erotica genre. It was a Book of the Day Selection from and I was to read a few sample pages and submit a comment in order to enter a book raffle. The price of the novel from Amazon is free, as in USD 0.00. This is not from Kindle Unlimited; it is a free download. Comments I submitted as a result of reading about 20% of the novel are not in sync with this review. My opinion changed a lot as I read the complete book.

Initially, I found the choice of cover unfortunate. I would never choose a novel with such a lurid, suggestive cover. It seems to me that such a cover would alienate a market sector. I also found that the cover did not match the writing of the sample I read. I enjoyed the sample and thought the writing was good but if the quality of the writing reflected the cover suggestions, I would have abandoned the novel.

As I continued to read the story, I was pleased with the character development of Elynn. Her character remained interesting throughout the book. A graduate student, Elynn works as a researcher of different types of mushrooms. I got to learn new words like inoculum and chanterelle. Elynn is the daughter of Mary who is married to super-rich billionaire Costas who has a son, Alex. This makes Alex and Elynn step-siblings. Referring back to the cover, guess what is going to happen. Unlike Elynn’s character, the character of main actor Alex is shallow and I think not well developed. As an almost pure narcissist who is referred to by other characters as “Alexandros the Great,” maybe further development was unnecessary. I found his character unbelievable and annoying. Of course, he is incredibly wealthy, like father like son. The two main characters, Alex and Elynn, will occupy the reader’s time. Supporting characters are one-dimensional, even (and particularly given his importance) Stephen Wainwright.

Up to a point measured by my Kindle at 55%, I found this to be a well-written, balanced, almost believable, and entertaining read. The almost believable part is about the wealth that is thrown about by primarily Alex. The tipping point for me came fairly late. I was willing to overlook the ostentatious financial display until a point where Alex buys a custom ring for Elynn. From Alex: “It’s a black diamond, cut from the heart of a meteor.” This is followed a few sentences later by this: “I bought the rest of the meteor as well.” This annoyed me a lot; it was way over the top. Still, the first half of the novel was entertaining.

After the 55%, I found huge sections of the novel to be poorly written, unbelievable porn. I had to revise my earlier opinion of the cover, it was a good match for the second half of the book. We have the super-rich, super-sophisticated Alex, a person whose life before Elynn was populated by celebrities, a person who could go nowhere without being propositioned by any female in the area, showing up as a somewhat naive performer in the bedroom. Then we have Elynn, an innocent virgin. It is believable that she is a seventeen-year-old virgin at the beginning of the novel but to know why you will have to read the book. That interesting part would be a spoiler. Although I liked her character up to the sexual situations, her actions subsequent to her “awakening” are unbelievable. It is not what she does, it is the skill and zest for kinky things that just doesn’t fit. Just a few days after her “first” sexual encounter, she is buying S & M toys and displaying skill in their use to the amazement of Alex. Neither Alex nor Elynn are believable in the bedroom. These are not subtle sex scenes; it doesn’t get much more graphic. The “writer’s voice” had a change similar to puberty.

The overall conflict is centered on the relationship between Alex and Elynn. Is this incest? No, but it is unconventional. There are conflicts that arise between Elynn and Alex as their relationship develops. It seems like he might be a control freak. Elynn is concerned about this. Considering her past, she has a right to worry. (This is where a spoiler might be inserted but I won’t do it).

Erotica is not my genre. Romance is not my genre. Nevertheless, I was pleased to read this and have the experience of having my opinion so radically altered as I proceeded. It was educational.


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