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A Collection of Garon Whited Stories

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Dragonhunt, a short story, was chosen as Book of the Day by I am participating in an activity on that site which leads me to read and comment on their choice. This is the second day a Garon Whited story has been chosen and I decided to go to his author page on Amazon to see what else he has written. He has written long novels and several short stories. For the short stories, they are either completely free on Amazon or they are available through Kindle Unlimited. For today’s review, I will look at three of the short stories. All were available to me at no cost through either KU or as a free download.

Dragonhunt by Garon Whited is a dragon slayer story. Five guys who seem to have nothing better to do travel around the country enjoying each others company and taking advantage of any opportunistic adventure that appears at hand. Naturally, there is a leader, Gorgar. There is a constant complainer (and sorcerer), Y’vin. There is a devoted religious type, Sir Aramon, whose biggest concern is that all things are done in an honorable way. Think hyper-chivalrous. There is Fliss who has the power to see things at great distances, and there is Tindal, a priest. After visiting a wedding ceremony for Gorgar’s sister, the team learns of a dragon nearby. If they can find the dragon and kill him in his cave, there will probably be a lot of gold for the taking.

These adventurers have never fought a dragon before but that doesn’t stop them. Off they go, they find the dragon’s cave, there is gold and all the team has to do is to come up with a plan for dealing with the dragon upon its return. Gorgar has a plan. Each team member receives his assignment. The dragon helpfully plays its part by returning to the cave. The fight is on.

In this very short story, there are lots of characters. You won’t have time to get invested in the characters of each of the five adventurers and it doesn’t matter. Because the story has dragons and heroes, you might think you want to read this with your kids. Don’t do that without reading it first. There might be more realism than younger folks want to accept.

Clockwork by Garon Whited is a story of a father’s love for his daughter and the lengths he would go to assure her continued survival in the face of disease. Daniel is a very skilled craftsman. Working in his lab, he had built an assistant, a prototype of a creation that even had the ability to speak. Robert had an annoying tendency to call Daniel “Dad,” but Daniel was working to correct that. He had made it clear to Robert that Robert would always be a mechanical creation but what he was working on now could truly be called his daughter. She would not be Robert’s sister.

Daniel’s daughter had died so he decided to create a replacement. Daniel had completed the final stage; he just had to apply power and animate his creation. He applied power; nothing happened, the newly created daughter continued to sleep. The disappointment was too much for Daniel, he died of despair. Or a strike. Or a heart attack. But he was definitely dead when the newly created daughter, Katherine, woke up. Katherine had the ability to think critically and logically. She could make decisions. Robert could do nothing until he received orders. Katherine decided to take charge, employ Robert as a helper, and repair father.

But for Katherine, time was running out.

The Power by Garon Whited is a very, very, short story (8 pages). It is a story of lost youth and lost power. The man remembered when he had power; he remembered when It provided the power. As life went on, the power seemed to get lost in the background of a daily routine. He was much older now, but he knew if he could find It again, he would be renewed. Many readers will not like this ending.


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