If You Could Live Forever …

The Diary of an Immortal by David J. Castello is a book I found through OnLineBookClub. It is a Book of the Month for February

Brenda Winds Jacque Up

Curious Goods: Jack-in-the-Box by Bones Monroe is story number four in the Curious Goods series. I purchased the book for USD 0.99 on Amazon although

Noah’s Wife by T.K. Thorne is a 369-page novel selected as an OnlineBookClub Book of the Day for 25 February 2017. The Kindle edition is

A Gathering of Warriors by George Vigileos is a 180-page novel of spirituality, fantasy, and, for some, inspiration. Those with beliefs that lie exclusively in

Highly recommended YA novel for Adults

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson is a remarkable account about the coming of age of Henry Jerome Denton from his perspective as

A Short Story Surprise with Clever Wording

Bum Steer by Bones Monroe is a short story of only about 23 pages. I am not sure of an actual page count because I

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