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Getting a Foot in the Door

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After Life by Bones Monroe is a 28-page short story published in September 2016 and available for purchase on Amazon for USD 0.99 or as a free read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Such a short story that you should skip this review and go directly to the story, bu only if you have KU. Even at the low price of this one, these short stories become addicting and the costs mount.

Note to my students: These are really short reads that I can recommend to you as being interesting and ones that won’t take much of your time.

Dan was addicted to foot massages. That sounds very innocent and it was. When he found a place where a lady named Eva gave great foot massages, Dan decided to make daily appointments if he could. The manager of the hair salon where Eva worked was Eva’s ex-husband. Oscar didn’t accept the role of an ex-husband and he was sure that once the door was closed, there was more to a foot massage than was promised. Eva had just started in the shop. Dan was Eva’s first client. Oscar was extremely jealous and, at the urging of his close friend, Tash, decided that it was easier to poison and kill Dan than to live with the embarrassment.

While Eva was shopping, Dan arrived at the shop. Oscar appeared friendly and offered Dan coffee. While Oscar was waiting for the poison in the coffee to work, Oscar drank a lot of beer, got drunk, and went to sleep. He woke up to the flashing blue and red lights of the police and went outside to investigate. There were two bodies, those of Dan and Eva. Realizing that Eva must have come back while Oscar was sleeping off a drunk and that she must have drunk some of the poisoned coffee Oscar had made. Oscar then made another, stronger pot of coffee with even more poison and committed suicide.

So now we have everybody dead. But many people believe that life is a never ending cycle. Forms might change, but life doesn’t. And revenge can be long lasting and bitter. Read this nicely put together story to see what happened next. Uh-oh, those door-to-door people might have been right!


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