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Tiny Tommy by Dave Beaver is a 30-page short story available from Kindle for USD 0.99 or from Kindle Unlimited subscription service at no cost. It might be faster to download it and read it than to read this review. This is a story of both revenge and the eventual realization that revenge can backfire horribly. This theme can be explored in many contexts, as it has been, but there have not been a lot of stories where the revenge is exacted by a six-year-old boy.

Tommy is having a birthday party. It is his sixth birthday and his mom has arranged for sixty people, Tommy’s school friends and their parents, to come to Tommy’s house for a celebration. While most children would be happy to have a birthday party, Tommy was terrified. Tommy had no friends. All the important named children at his party were bullies and Tommy was afraid of what they might do to him at his house during his party.

Tommy was bullied by everyone for several reasons. His family was the richest one in the town so he was bullied by classmates from poorer families, which meant everyone. Tommy had problems developing mentally so other kids called him “retard.” Sarah liked to rub his face with the results of whatever she found in her nose. Mike just likes to punch Tommy whenever the two meet. Cadence likes to pull his hair and crush his testicles. Tommy is unable to form the words to articulate to his mother what has been done to him by the bullies. Tommy’s mother is his champion and he loves her. She can communicate with him through some of his drawings. Tommy’s father hates him, considers him an impediment to his career, and wishes Tommy had never been born.

His mom has hired a clown for the party. The clown is the same size and shape as Tommy. As the magic show begins, Tommy joins the clown on stage. They almost look like twins. There is a bond that is formed as the clown and Tommy look each other in the eyes. The lights go down, the show begins. First the clown, then Tommy and the clown take complete physical control of the audience. Revenge, in the form of forcing audience members into impossible physical shapes and forcing the audience to vomit as well as evacuate bowels, is at hand. But how far will it go?

When the eyes of Tommy’s mom flew out of her head, things had probably gone too far. Tommy loved his mom. How had that happened? And how was Tommy going to stop it?

It is a short story with a surprise ending. Without spoiling it, and keeping Tommy’s mom in mind, we can say that revenge is not always sweet.


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