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Not So Scary Stories

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Short Scary Stories by Bruce Savage is a 98-page collection of short stories available for USD 0.99 from Amazon. I feel comfortable investing such a small amount for what could be an entertaining collection of short stories. I am looking for short reads to encourage others to develop an interest in reading. Now, on to see if my investment was justified.

A spoiler alert of the review, not of the short story: If you are a student in one of my classes, proceed to my last paragraph which is followed by a final sentence. See if you come up with the same conclusion I did as far as numbers.

The Hunger      James Westinghouse is hungry but his considerable girth will not allow him entry to the butcher shop where he could purchase food. Fortunately (?) for him, a passing wealthy senior citizen offers to help him out by asking him to agree to a simple request. The question (it appears in approximately the ninth paragraph) would be a spoiler so you won’t find the question here.

The Glass Casket      Donna Beacon always wanted her own house. When a rich, previously unknown relative died leaving his closest heir, Donna, his entire estate, her dreams had come true. But they might turn into a nightmare. The author writes a spoiler to his own story in a letter Donna received announcing her good luck. See if you can find it.

A Miserable Death for Simon Small      Simon’s death was truly miserable, his life, more so.

The Death Note      There are people who would like to know their future. This tale is a cautionary note. Maybe you don’t really want to know.

The Mirror Effect      Sometimes it is difficult to get to really know yourself.

7 Days in Hell      This is the longest of the collection and is divided into six chapters. For some characters, a happy ending. Not so for others.

Finally, there is a section titled “Wait!” In it, the author offers a lengthy list of his other works in which a reader might have interest. Despite my opinion that the stories in this collection are interesting, I will not look at further works. All the eight annoying grammar errors I found in this short collection would have been spotted by the most basic spell and grammar check software. I won’t intentionally seek out novels that annoy me.

I paid USD 0.99 to be annoyed.


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