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A Short Story Surprise with Clever Wording

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Bum Steer by Bones Monroe is a short story of only about 23 pages. I am not sure of an actual page count because I only have a location number to go by. The story is not listed on the Amazon page, at least as of the date of this review. I received the book by clicking on a link at the end of another Bones Monroe book so this one may not be available to all unless they travel the same route I did, that of reading another work by the same author. This is a 2016 publication according to the author copyright page.

There is no link or cover available for this short story.

This story looks like a serial murder case. Janelle has disappeared, but not for long. Her headless corpse was found near Mr. Barric’s home. All of a sudden the other ladies, friends of Janelle, Gertrude, Maude, and Amina, recall that there have been several disappearances recently. In each case, Mr. Barric had helped their friend move. And none of the girls heard from their relocated friends again.

This is a clever story; some might say cute. There is a surprise ending. After you get to the ending, read the story again for the small clues that reveal the problem. The re-read is more fun than the initial read because the reader knows things and can concentrate on the clever way Monroe tells the story. And the story is short, so you have time.

If this can be considered a horror story, it is the most SFW (as opposed to the ever popular NSFW) story in the history of horror stories.

I definitely recommend this for the YA crowd. It’s fun for big kids too.


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