It’s Time

Family Reunion by Jaxon Reed is a short story I downloaded through Instafreebie from the author’s website. This is a type of time travel story. It is extremely short and my comments will mirror this.

Dr. James Smithers is a university lecturer of history. He does not travel through time although he believes in time travel. This is because at unpredictable times people from the future travel back in time to meet him. They have been doing this all his life. And all his life he has had questions. As he grew older, he grew braver in asking his questions. What could they tell him about the future? That is when he found out about protocols, rules that said he couldn’t ask questions.

The time travelers James met were not just anyone. They were members of his family; his children, great-grandchildren or perhaps cousins. James knew this by their eyes. It wasn’t that James was asking about significant events from the future, he just wanted to get to know his family.

And then one day it all came together in a big family reunion event. You have to read this extremely short story to find out what happened. From the author’s website, it is free.


Author: ron877

A reader, encouraging others to expand their knowledge of English through reading along with me some books I am currently reading. I will publish some reviews of books I have found notable. Comments in agreement and disagreement are welcome. Ronald Keeler is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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