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Martial Arts Short Story

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One False Move by David Callinan is a short story of the rogue spy genre. Mike Delaney and Bob Messenger had been operatives in a US Government super-secret organization that carried out assassinations. They had somehow messed up and been discharged from the agency, Mike to become a monk vowing never to kill again, and Bob confined to a wheelchair as a result of an injury from an operation gone bad. So, what can retired legally sanctioned bad guys do to earn their daily bread? The two decided to start a website, confess-confess, to out criminals who continued to be evil while successfully manipulating the legal system to avoid punishment.

Julius Schipp was one of the bad guys who didn’t like the exposure. A human trafficking pedophile, he captured Bob’s fifteen-year-old daughter as well as Bob himself. Mike was directed to exchange himself for Bob and once Mike was in Julian’s custody the fate of Bob’s daughter, Pandora, would be decided.

For those who like to read details of martial arts fighting, this is your story. This story occupies only one-half (46%) of the sample. This is then followed by the first three chapters of another work, The Immortality Plot and the first three chapters of yet another work, Knife Edge and then another, Bodyswitch. This is a type of sampler, almost like a box of chocolates (remember Forrest Gump).

I am not a fan of stories that consist of fight scenes only. I don’t see any chance for character development. One False Move was that type of story, nothing but fight scenes. The other three short collections didn’t give me enough content to want to investigate the longer works.

One of the downsides of books from Instafreebies or even author websites is that there is not an adequate description of what I am about to download. I would not download a sampler like this if I had advance knowledge. I thought I was downloading one complete stand-alone story.

This is not to say the series does not have good stories. It is to say that the samples offered do not provide enough content to evaluate the larger works.


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