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3 Short Stories Linked

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Blood Diamonds by Melissa Yi is a short story I found in a mailing from Instafreebies which seems to be an aggregate site for author email and newsletter lists. Accept the free publication and get emails from the author announcing releases. That sounds like a good deal to me and a good deal for my students who have trouble getting a variety of stuff to read at reasonable prices. It seems only polite to leave a few comments about what I read.

The cover for this short story led me to download it. I saw an editor’s comment, “Sharply etched, emotionally haunting” on the cover. Because it is a short story, I was willing to gamble on that. Then there was the note that the story was originally published in Jewish Noir. I have no idea what that would look like. I’m always ready for a new reading experience.

Blood Diamonds is a short story divided into three parts with stories of Woman 1, Woman 2, and Woman 3. There are possible links between all the women. Karin, Woman 1, is a researcher named at a camp in Germany during WWII. She has a co-worker and boss called Doctor (Doktor) Mengele. Several years later the reader meets Esther Dorn, Woman 2, who is in a hospital for tests. Attending Doctor Hope Sze, Woman 3, noticed the patient’s wartime assigned number indicating she was a Holocaust survivor. The scene then shifts to a lab where Doctor Hope is speaking with possible fiance Tucker. He will supply the link the reader is looking for that brings the story of the three women together.

The link is a surprise, it requires a bit of reader imagination, and it is worth waiting for.


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