The Way You Intend

Check out this blog. The 16 year old writer expresses his feelings on a variety of topics. Those writers wealthy beyond imagination will find his post on taxing the wealthy particularly interesting.

Does this guy have a future as a writer? You bet.



This is, quite possibly, one of the most important activity one must master. To translate is not to merely convert words or phrases from one language to the other. Translation is much broader than that; it is about perception.

The objective of translation is to attain understanding, and there is a difference between knowing and understanding. You may know what a person is doing, but you may not understand it.

“Where were you?”

“I was on the moon.”

If this reply to the question was given by an astronaut, then people would be congratulating him. If it was given by a person with any other occupation, it is likely to be consider sarcastic and annoying.

The context, the person, the tone, the expression, all these factor into the translation of a message.

We may perform certain actions with a positive intent, with the aim to be polite or…

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