A Stain on the Street by Ric Rae is a short story I received free through Instafreebie and the author’s mailing list. It is a very short story and this will be a very short review.

Readers will not know the name of the narrator but we can call him “Captain.” That is what other street people call him when they give him money or food. Sometimes they laugh at him with sarcasm but he still appreciates the identification. It is important to have some gimmick to serve as ID on the street.

Readers will also discover the name Johnathan, the Captain’s son. We don’t know much about him. That is why we read the story. But from the moment we know of the Captain’s affection for the Teddy Bear we know things can’t be great.

For those aspiring to live the life of the homeless, there are some practical suggestions in street etiquette and survival skills. This is a very sad, gritty short story.

This short story is a writer practicing his skills. His later and longer works should find an attentive audience. I recommend this as a coffee break read (it is that short).


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