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Would You Believe These?

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K. C. Carter has written three short science fiction stories as an entry into the crowded indie publishing field. I found this through Instafreebie as well as receiving interesting updates from the author’s website. I found the author’s introduction to this short story collection appealing. Check this out for some light reading. It is free and if you like science fiction the collection is a nice sampler. If you are not sure whether you like science fiction or not here is a painless introduction, you might be surprised.

Exhibit X

Mrs. Zilmore took her class on a trip to the zoo. Many of them thought it would be boring but they didn’t know about the special exhibitions Mrs. Zilmore planned for them to visit. Mrs. Zilmore liked to break the rules; she knew she shouldn’t be visiting the area restricted to staff only. Then there was her most active, rebellious student, Shun. He liked to break rules as well. This time his infraction would surprise even Mrs. Zilmore.

Into Infinity

For Uttu, her camera was everything. Infinity Ranger Asra should have realized that and helped her when she pursued the Nurren to get it back. He was more interested in Asra’s safety than the recovery of a camera but Uttu wasn’t being helpful in what should have been their primary concern, getting back to the base before nightfall. Inexplicably, the Nurren reappeared, returned the camera, and ran away. Something had frightened the Nurren. It should have frightened Asra and Uttu. Now Asra might have to join the ranks of other retired Rangers.

Half and Half

The world that existed was only half of what it used to be. That was the choice made by mankind. Johnny Taylor didn’t like it but there was not an option to accept or not accept the new reality. Nevertheless, he chose not to accept and there was a logical consequence that would play out due to his refusal. But Johnny had a plan, a surprise for those who (which?) disagreed with him.

The writing of these short stories fit well with the requirements of a short story. Don’t waste words. Make everything contribute to the progress of the tale. Because this is science fiction, the author has some latitude with language. In “Into the Infinity” Asra and Uttu couldn’t venture outside the ranger station without the benefit of wearing a “suite.” In a non-science fiction type of story, grammar critics might dwell on this as an example of poor editing. But with science fiction, the reader can accept that this was a “suit” with lots of component parts. And then there is the non-word “perflection” (same story), an example of author creativity rather than an unusual mistake.

These are fun short stories to take your mind off the frustration of waiting in the fast food line. That contradiction in terms almost matches any contradictions found in science fiction.


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