S. E. England describes Father of Lies as Book One of a darkly disturbing occult horror trilogy. The book lives up to that description and more. England presents a complex main theme and several interesting subordinate themes. This is a very busy, exciting book with lots of disturbing material presented in a way which may disturb the reader but will not offend. One important element is is child abuse in many forms to include sexual. Yet there is minimal to no offensive sexual language. Human sacrifice should be disturbing to most but the language used in description is not.

The main theme is the discussion of mental illness from the perspectives of patients, mental health workers (both staff and doctors), and members of the clergy. The discussion of whether behavior is psychotic or not of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Disassociative Identities Disorder (DID), and of schizophrenia will satisfy readers who like some scientific realism mixed with fiction. A plot that involves witches, mediums, and an omnipresent evil entity which interferes with all characters will satisfy fiction lovers.