The List by J. A. Konrath is described on its cover as a “Technothriller.” There are elements of the story that make this term relevant but I feel the story has several more interesting parts. There is the mystery in which a selected number of people are chosen for very gruesome killing. Who is doing the killing and why? We know why the victims were selected. They all have a number tattooed on one of their heels. The numbers range from one to ten and they all come under attack by either Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler or Attila the Hun. The three attackers all have a number tattooed on their heels. For some reason, they are attacking the other seven members of the closed ten-person group although a few others might be killed as collateral damage. The seven numbered main targets don’t have colorful three name labels as do the attackers but their names are equally famous. Einstein, Abe Lincoln, Shakespeare, and Joan of Arc are principal targets.