The Tables Have Turned by Lori Power is the second book in the Under Suspicion series. I try not to start a series with Book Two. In this case, I am answering an author request. The book is available for free through the Kindle Unlimited program or an outright purchase will allow you to keep the novel in your library.

The novel has twenty-four chapters with a solid reader hook that appears in chapter two. Lorna has secrets. She is attending a DefCon hackers convention under what she thinks is a carefully crafted alternate identity. It is not just registering under a false name at a hotel; Lorna has the complete package with credit cards and supporting identification. So how could it be that someone paged her to accept a phone call and make an appointment for a luncheon meeting the following day? Someone had seen and understood her secretly coded messages asking for help. All of this is in chapter two; there was no way I was going to put this book down.