Execution Is Everything by Nick Warren surprised me with how clever it is with surprising twists that might leave the reader confused until page 144 (the last page). And it is free for purchase on Amazon as of the date of this review. It is free for purchase, NOT through Kindle Unlimited. At the end of the novel, Warren describes how and why he wrote this novel and mentions how he decided to follow up his characters with second and third novels that together have 110 000 additional words. Follow the provided link and get both of those books for free up to July 17, 2017. The link will download all three novels. After reading the first one, this was a deal I did not want to pass up.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT I get dangerously close to a spoiler here but the temptation was just too much and I believe it is vague and hidden. Readers will have to read the entire novel to figure out what I mean so I don’t consider it a spoiler.