Taking Natasha by Terence Mitford is a novel with disturbing content about human trafficking. It is a mystery novel in that we want to find out if Natasha escaped from her horrible situation. Although this prequel novella focuses on Natasha, this is a prequel for a Mason Cooper Thriller Series so I was interested in the treatment of the character Mason Cooper, a detective introduced in this novella with a bit part to the story.

The best part of this novella is the character of Mason Cooper. A cop only two years from retirement, he is thinking about quitting now to save a marriage that has suffered from his dedication to his police job, one that has left him little time for his family. He has made his decision, he will quit, but there is just one more case to clear up. It might take a couple of months. Nope, it has nothing to do with Natasha or human trafficking.

Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar is a welcome home to Castle Rock party. Fans of Stephen King will be sad that the party is too short. Readers will finish this short novel feeling that their reading speed has increased dramatically. Maybe. Others might feel that they have been led on a short sprint in which they were not allowed to fall behind. OK. Either way, for voracious readers with reading completion anxiety, pick up this novel. It will not inhabit your TBR shelf and you will feel good about yourself. I left Castle Rock and went to the Richard Chizmar author web page at Amazon. Another great storyteller discovered (for me).