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Dad’s Collection, My Collection

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Tiny Trophies by Adam Hughes is an extremely short story which is also extremely weird. This is one of those you probably don’t want your kids to read although it is in the tradition of the original before it was cleaned up for children, Brothers Grimm. The selection is only eight Kindle pages which I believe to be more like flash fiction.

“Tiny” is a size. That is apparent from the story. But it also might be the narrator’s name. I am going to assume so because it is convenient to have the one word serve two meanings.

Tiny’s dad was a hunter. He killed deer and saved trophy heads to hang on walls. Tiny admired his dad. He wanted to be a hunter also. He couldn’t hunt deer; they were too big and he was too small. But while waiting to grow up he found other more size-appropriate things to hunt. He could hunt his sister’s dolls. He could take their heads and keep them in a hidden box for now until it was safe to hang them on walls. If he displayed them now, sister Sara would probably object. She had noticed some of her dolls were disappearing. Because Tiny was careful not to take too many and because her parents always bought Sara more dolls, Tiny’s collection grew.

When dad hunted deer, he was always looking to improve his collection with a bigger or better-looking specimen.

It was time for Tiny to improve his collection.


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