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The Final Cut

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Final Thoughts by Jaxon Reed is a very short story with a very abrupt, definite, short ending. We don’t know the narrator’s name but he won’t be around long enough for us to worry about. He is about to be executed. While the ending is definite, he has some choices about the method. Lethal injection looks like the best bet, the least painless. The firing squad is definitely out. He might get poor marksmen. Doc offered him the guillotine. What?? Why would anyone do that?

Doc explained that there would be a computer chip inside his head. The computer chip would record all transition impressions as the journey in death progressed. An added factor is the opportunity for organ harvesting. The organs would not be torn up by bullets or poisoned by chemicals. Doc appealed to him to choose the guillotine as a socially responsible alternative. After all, why was the prisoner here? He had followed tenets of anarchism to create a better way for humankind. With his death, he could still contribute. Finally, agreement. The prisoner accepted beheading.

At the last minute, the prisoner sees the ruse. Doc is a tool of the state. Authorities wanted to build an organ bank for the rich. Soon there would be more deaths by guillotine. The prisoner had limited options to stop this.

The blade came down, the head was severed. Doc picked up the head and the two looked into each other’s eyes. Then the sentient head …


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