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Two Time Winner

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Scissors by Neil Bushnell is a short story I received by subscribing to an author mailing list. Which is another way of saying I read this for free. This is generally a way that Independent authors can get exposure; a reader can find interesting content and perspectives from new writers.

The shape that appeared at the end of Cameron’s bed looked like something cut out of paper, a type of silhouette. Whether Scissors was actually the name of the shape or not didn’t matter. There had been a dream that seemed to be in a ruined city. When Cameron woke up, both 12-year-old Cameron and Scissors were in his bedroom in the year 2015. It had probably been a dream because Cameron didn’t recall living in a city that looked like such a wasteland, a city in ruins. Cameron and Scissors agreed that they had both met in a dream in a ruined city and now Scissors had returned to Cameron’s home. Scissors also appeared to be twelve years old, except for his eyes. They were older. The two boys were in Cameron’s home in the present year 2015 until Scissors touched Cameron. The the two then appeared to be in a ruined city from the past in 1941.

Scissors had been afraid to find himself in 2015 just as Cameron was now afraid to find himself in 1941. After looking at the ruined 1941 landscape, the two began kicking around a found ball. It was fun until they found the unexploded bomb. It was ticking and if it exploded a school would be destroyed and many students killed. The students had to be warned. It was up to Cameron and Scissors. Would they save the day? Would each of the two boys end up in their “appropriate” times?

Those are the mysteries the reader can easily solve by downloading this free book through the Instafreebie website while signing up to the author’s email list.


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