Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Magic and Mayhem is a sampler collection of short stories by Julianne Q Johnson. I found each of the stories superior to the usual offering of teasers. Proof of this is that based on my reading of these I will find and read the author’s longer works.

The Animal A girl is running through a forest pursued by a beast. She is able to cast some spells which she knows are a bit immature but if they slow the beast down and she keeps running she may be able to escape. Every spell she tries seems to slow the beast but the inevitability of her capture seems certain. Until she remembers one final trick. And her mother’s bothersome boyfriend will bother her no more. But there are consequences.

Albien of Racknoraque Albien is a sorcerer’s apprentice. Tapped by the master as a promising candidate for greater responsibilities, this is the first time he will witness the Master conduct a Summoning. Attention to detail is paramount to prevent the summoned beast from escaping and hurting the summoner. When Albien witnesses a mistake that might cause disaster, should he break the code of a novice never correcting a master?

Descending Penn didn’t expect the small commuter plane to crash. Maybe she had been knocked out in the crash because she didn’t really know it happened. But all of a sudden she was the adult in the room, responsible for taking care of everyone else. Her mom had a broken leg. Her younger sister was terrified, slightly injured, and of no use. A businessman was dazed and concussed. The pilot had literally lost his head. It was up to Penn to hike away from the crash site and go for help. But there were wolves.

The Tail of the Squirrel in the Closet Actually the entire squirrel was in the closet but we can come back to that. The problem was to get the unwilling squirrel out of the closet and on a route that would do no damage to any other part of the house and would lead to a speedy exit. It wasn’t that the squirrel was unwilling to go but there were trust issues about the route. This is a classic example of the fight or flight reaction of animal kingdom inhabitants. Vinyl records were not designed for this.

Jinky His late wife Cheryl told him there were going to be some problems with the day. His late colleague Todd told him there were going to be some problems with the day. Thank goodness late Grandfather Harris hadn’t offered a similar opinion, the day would have been a seismic disaster. In fact, while the day did have some rough patches, the girl under the blue dinosaur was OK.


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