Holding Together

With the beginning of a new month, a bit of immediate, poignant, street-level philosophy. I will ask my students to read this and give immediate feedback about what they think is going on here. What a short passage with soooo many possible interpretations! It may not be a happy start to the day but it does kickstart the thought processes.

Reena Saxena

The young birds had flown off the nest. A few memories in the shape of scattered stationery and toys remained.

A few months later, Joan could boast of seeing half a decade of life, and spending more than half of it, in cleaning up. Her job in the Fraud Prevention Cell of a bank, did not do much to boost a sagging spirit. The wonders of technology posed new challenges every day.

What could a paper clip do, in a paperless world? The brilliant invention is now a piece of junk. For how long could she hold it all together?

Inspired by Rochelle Wisoff at

Friday Fictioneers

Image : Claire Sheldon

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