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Temporarily Adrift

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By my calendar, it is 19 August 2017 and it is time to look in on the daily Stephanie Bond submissions creation for each day in August. Downloaded through Amazon’s KU program, I know the story up to the end of August but I will refrain from making comments about situations after August 19 out of respect for those following the daily online posting.

Temp Girl Della Culpepper remains the apparently wealthy career woman we can envy for her success and money. We are fairly sure she is a “good” person as well although Della goes out of her way to offend with her superior attitude. We know from part one that she is at least temporarily unemployed, that she is way over her head in debt and is concentrated on treading financial water by borrowing heavily as much as she can while paying only interest on her mounting debt. By itself a recipe for failure, Della compounds this by determining to maintain her previous lifestyle while deceiving all around her about her reduced circumstances. As we begin part two, Della (under assumed name Mae) reports for work at Anita Temp, a temporary employment agency run by her former maid, Joon-Woo.

As well as a good story, this is an examination of life as a temporary employee. There should be a lot of empathy on the part of taxi drivers, seasonal employees (think Christmas part-time jobs) and event centered jobs such as those held by wedding planners. Mae’s first job is that of gift wrapper. There is a serious examination of the pain self-inflicted by paper cuts.

A huge problem Della faces is the one where she might meet people she knew in her previous fast-paced, money driven life. They know the successful Della; she did not want them to know Temp Girl Mae. While Mae was able to do some jobs without fear of meeting former friends and colleagues, what would she do when she was assigned to a temporary job at the gym where she held a high-priced membership and everyone knew her? This called for some sort of disguise.

Then there was the problem of money. Temporary jobs could provide enough money to sustain her previous lifestyle. The salary of her personal assistant was worrisome. She couldn’t fire him; her deceptions would be revealed. She might even lose boyfriend Dr. Kyle. He was fabulously wealthy but he didn’t date (or marry) poor. Perhaps she could sell her high-priced clothes, especially the clothes which still had price tags attached. The only person she didn’t have problems with, a person who was annoying in the extreme, was Charlie Graham. His seemingly superior opinion of himself rivaled Della’s opinion of herself. Despite the annoyance factor, he was occupying more time in her mind than boyfriend Dr. Kyle. And Charlie knew the truth about her.

This modern-day Cinderella fantasy provides a lot of distractions from the daily routine. The daily publishing of a new installment gives busy readers something to wake up to. Folks like me who can’t seem to keep up with daily reads can get the monthly collection (sometimes in advance). This is fun reading.


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