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My Comments On: Culling my lengthy TBR list – second attempt

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This is a sad and anxiety producing post about a book junkie who has created a list of too many TBR novels. Sad because I am one of these junkies also. For the addicted, this post has to be read with caution because Fictionophile lists several links to the ten selections chosen for possible removal. And I had to follow each one. I won’t reveal how many titles migrated to my list.

Fictionophile’s list comes from Goodreads. My addiction is to a site called Instafreebies which further links to author mailing lists and other blogs which offer collections of free books. How can I resist free? A positive note is that many of the books I get from Instafreebee are novellas or short stories. A negative note as far as TBR list expansion is that this weekend I found nineteen titles to download. (But they were free!!)

This is an interesting post to read and commiserate with. Read to the end for a surprising conclusion which might make you laugh out loud.

Shame on you. You shouldn’t laugh at the addicted.


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