When Purity is Less Than Pure

After figuring out that Reinheit by Thomas Flowers is a novel which has descriptions of German (Einzatsgruppen) wartime atrocities, it was interesting for me to

Follow the Rules

I Am Karma by Dawn Cano is a 53-page short story that has elements of extreme horror in the first half of the story. You

A Mix of Subtle and Extreme Twisted Tales

Gristle & Bone: A Collection of Dark Fiction including Werewolves, Conspiracy Theories, Monsters, Cannibals and Vengeful Ghosts is the title of this collection by Duncan

Just Holding On

Broketown by David Wheeler is an excellent novel but one not to read if you are in a dark mood. If you feel that life

Let Them Eat (Chocolate) Cake

From the cover of Sam ’n’ Patty’s 1st Adventure Hidden Gems by Jerry Dawson we can infer that there might be some follow-up stories coming.

A Comfortable Detective Story

The Lost by Ari Rose is short story #10 in a Jill Hunter private investigator series. She started out as a police officer but at

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