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Morals or Ethics

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A New Beginning by Ari Rose is a short prequel to the Jill Hunter Series. I got the prequel through Instafreebies. This was followed up by an email where the author detailed plans for the series. I then visited the Amazon site to find out more about what was happening with this author. There are box sets of three short stories each. This prequel is not included. The three short story sets sell for USD 2.99, the single stories sell for USD 1.99, and for some reason Story 9, Story 13, and the box set containing Stories 10,11, and 12 are free. I am a fan of short stories and I love the price. On to the stories.

This prequel does what it is supposed to do; introduce the reader to Jill Hunter. She is a homicide detective who is worried about her appearance and about getting old. She is even more worried about living with a criminal. It doesn’t feel morally right and it is definitely ethically wrong. True, Rory wasn’t a hardcore criminal; with his computer hacking, he fits more into the white collar crime category. But crime was crime and increasing tension between the two led to a breakup. This was unfortunate because Rory knew about Jill’s latest case, a serial killer and rapist who specialized in victimizing escorts. He offered to help Jill. She assumed the moral high ground, refused his help, and left him. And then something happened.

It was time to rethink priorities.


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