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A Small Sacrifice

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From the Prequel: A New Beginning straight The Cult: Part Two: A Jill Hunter Short #9, there were bound to be some problems. I am sure that reading these short stories in the order prescribed by the author is the way to go. For example, I can’t say I was surprised by the presence of the love interest, Rory, but it seems we are almost back to the prequel except this time it is Rory who is about to walk out. Also, this is a continuation of Short #8. But short #8 is in a boxed set that costs money. This one, #9, was free on the Amazon site.

Rory and Jill are together, so Jill must have accepted his early, less than legal occupation. That he continues with his high tech capability for crime will be revealed in this story. The two disagree in this story about the dangers Jill might encounter if she continues to investigate a cult that needs the sacrifice of a baby to show allegiance to a Dark Power. Jill knows they have targeted Baby Sam for sacrifice. She wants to get Sam and mother Tara out of town while she investigates the Logan house for clues that a cult is planning a murder. Then Jill can go to the police. From this, I can infer that Jill is no longer police.

There are some interesting scenes of fights between Jill and those dedicated to capturing but not torturing her. The rituals of sacrifice are not actually torture and it seems Jill has been selected for a higher purpose. Good news for Baby Sam, not so much for Jill. There is a surprise near the end involving cults. That is followed by yet another rationalization between Jill and Rory about the values and dangers of each other’s occupation.

It is a short story. With its surprises (at least two) it is a rewarding read. I am exhausted by the anxiety ridden relationship of Jill and Rory. This series of short stories is interesting to me because I think they can promote reading as they are short, action packed, and even topical. Cults are always interesting.


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