Sat. Nov 23rd, 2019

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A Fast, Quick, Wake-Up Read

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Here is something to start out your day with a jolt (but painlessly). Flash fiction. It is quick to read and almost by definition authors create it to surprise you either by the content or innovative organization of ideas. Five Free Flash Fiction Pieces by Paul D. Dail does that. The only thing unsurprising about it is the price. Refer to the title. It is for sale on Amazon at the price indicated by the title.

The Professional Crier Penny Circe is a professional crier. Her tears have a gift although the gift doesn’t work well. See if you can interpret the origins of the name of the protagonist before the author explains.

I Spy With My Little Eye You can’t say Esmi didn’t warn Tony. “Do you really want to do this.” How many times does a girl have to ask?

Run, Rabbit. Run I’ve always had reservations about the idea that jackrabbits are creepy or scary. This piece might change my mind. But I won’t smoke things I find in abandoned lunchboxes. Warning noted. Again, look at the author’s explanation of where Pete’s name came from.

The Death He Expected From the author “There is power in superstition.” Add to that the fascination for many that comes from a perception of a supreme and ancient wisdom of Native American culture. The result is a scary story.

Another Oldie but Goodie Margaret had a favorite song. Her husband had sung it to her many times in many contexts. But all good things had a direct opposite. And the opposing side could kill you (again).

Other than the scary stories themselves, the author’s explanations of what prompted each piece are entertaining. The entire work might take as much as twenty minutes to read. Then you can have that second cup of coffee before going to work.


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