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It Is More Than Making Dinner

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The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife by Joynell Schulz doesn’t appear on Amazon. What does appear is The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, a 316 page novel by the same author. The story I am commenting on here measures 718 locations on Kindle which might be 30 pages. It gives readers a sample of the authors writing style and an example of short stories available through Instafreebies.

Devora Walters is a doctor in a trauma ward. Her husband is Derek, aka Silver Comet. Derek runs around all day responding to disasters and perhaps stopping crime. But there is just not enough to fill the day. He also rescues kittens trapped in trees and gives lectures warning young people about the dangers of drug abuse. Devora spends her days saving lives and responding to emergencies in a hospital. Sometimes she becomes aware of disasters as they are happening and she sends texts to Derek so he knows where to respond. Derek never thanks her for the help.

Derek gets a lot of attention. The mayor wants to give him the key to the city. Devora gets no recognition. Not that she would expect attention from the mayor but she would appreciate acknowledgment by her husband. He arrives home each day and tells her about his adventures. He never asks her about her day. He remarks that everybody can’t have days as exciting as his and he admits that while Devora does interesting, complex, and important work, it can’t be as exciting as his work. So, let’s talk about him. And by the way, is dinner ready yet? Maybe Derek is insensitive.

Devora suffers her lack of attention quietly as far as Derek is concerned. But not at all quietly as far as the reader is concerned. So this comes across as sort of a whining wife story. I find it unrealistic because a wife as educated and skilled as Devora would have been out the door before she had a chance to register all the whining.

In part three of this short prequel, there is a hint of possible redemption for Derek. That hint might be sufficient for readers to take a chance on The Secret Lives … The longer novel sells for USD 0.99 on Amazon and is free for KU subscribers. This is a good novel for the YA crowd and emphasizes the importance of communication to build positive social relationships.


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