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I Am Karma by Dawn Cano is a 53-page short story that has elements of extreme horror in the first half of the story. You might want not to let the kids (under 16 at least) read this one. There is language describing extreme physical brutality. Then the story turns to one of vengeance and that might not sit well with those who believe that revenge carried out by one’s fellow man is not justified. So there are a bunch of negatives going into the story. But I liked it.

Alex was a victim of sexual abuse by her father. A familiar theme, mom died and daddy wanted a substitute. Alex put up with it up to the age of fourteen and then escaped. No one needs an escape like this. Immediately taken in by the type of guy who hangs around bus stations offering food and sustenance to those visiting the big city for the first time, Alex found another environment she had to escape from. She had to get away from Jeremy. Dad had not confined her to a locked room and introduced her to a variety of friends and this was clearly another situation that she had to escape from. It took time but after three years in a locked brothel, she made it. How could things get worse? Ryan would offer an even steeper slide into the depths of degradation. Finally, there is a very graphically described escape. And then there is time for payback. Revenge is the theme of the last 50% of this short story.

There was a catch. Even after her last, final escape, there were rules to be followed. After losing and suffering so much, would Alex be able to have respect for and follow any rules? That is what makes this short story interesting to read. I believe this is in the genre of extreme horror. Therefore, lots of warnings apply. Graphic language describing sex and violence abounds. There is no reason to use imagination, everything is explicit. An unusual element I found involves author comments which appear after the conclusion of the story. The author comments (in the real world of today) match the story conclusion exemplified by the final comment of Alex (Karma). That comparison made the short story worth reading.

This short story is “free” on Kindle Unlimited. It is a well-told story. I will read more by this author. But I will watch out for the warnings.


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