Here is a blog I follow regularly. I liked this post for a couple of reasons. There is the sense of self-realization that the center

Drop By, But Be Polite

Reading books from Carol Ervin’s Mountain Women Series is like going back to a childhood home after a long absence. In this case, I am

What is IT?

Stephen King sends you an invitation to a party in Derry, Maine. You will recognize it by the envelope with the inscribed IT on the

Smart as a…

Well… this works. Your household animals seem to have outsmarted you. In no way am I equating the younger members of the family (kids) to

Simmy Doesn’t Like to Hear “No.”

Déjà Vu by Emma Clapperton is a very short story of delayed revenge. Celia was a young teenager trying to get over a bad relationship

Dueling Almost-Cop Brothers

Land of the Brave by Tom Fowler is a mystery novella. It is a formulaic mystery with a by-the-book cop working together with a thinks-outside-the-box

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