Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon is a novel that I cannot believe I had not yet read. I am sure there are many more but this one surprised me because it is firmly in the horror genre, my favorite. The novel wanders its way through a landscape of many stories and themes that are revealed by protagonist Ned who occasionally halts to examine a particular theme through introspection. Ned looks at the devotion Maggie shows in the care of the semi-invalid Robert. He reflects on the relationship of unequivocal commitment and devotion. Ned observes the benefits of the “country mouse becoming a city mouse” as he moves wife Beth and daughter Kath to the village of Cornwall Coombe. Ned reflects on the benefits of strong relationships present in a rural setting that are absent in an urban one. Ned examines superstitious practices that govern daily activities of his village neighbors. He reflects on what he must do to show respect for practices he doesn’t believe in so that he might gain acceptance by the villagers.